American Eagle Cycles

American Eagle Cycles
President Gary Webster and
Vice President Lisa Lococo

American Eagle Cycles, Inc. was established by Gary P. Webster in May 2011 as an offspring of his 25 year old engineering and automation business. He has designed and built a product that incorporates the highest standards of design and technology to bring you a totally new experience in adult tricycles.

Our cycles are first and foremost meant to be fun, while combining sensible exercise with a green transportation alternative. Every aspect of our cycles have been designed to rekindle the enjoyment and freedom of bike riding in a cool, new style. Yours can take you cruising down the bike path, to get groceries at the local store or simply joy riding around town. Imagine all the ways you can enjoy your Freedom Cycle!

American Eagle Cycles, Inc. is proud to start a new American manufacturing business; our products will reflect the highest standards of design, technology and quality to provide a lifestyle product. The company will use as much U.S. content as practical and create a premium level product. We view this as a small step in the trend to increase onshore manufacturing, create American jobs, improve the health of our citizens and preserve our environment.

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American Eagle Cycles, Inc. Westfield, MA (413) 562-7200 (877) 6-CYCLES
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