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Freedom CustomTM
For those needing something unique.

adult tricycle

If you're interested in one of the Freedom Cycles but need some modifications to make it work for you, please call us at 877-6-CYCLES about building a Freedom CustomTM for you. We have built custom cycles for a variety of people, some of which are shown below. Whatever your needs are, we would like to work with you to create a cycle customized to your specifications! Contact us for more details on the Freedom CustomTM.

Below are pictures of one of our Custom cycles designed for a stroke survivor. His cycle included a one-sided handlebar, one strap-in boot pedal, and a cane holder.

custom adult tricycle custom adult tricycle

Below are pictures of another Custom cycle that is extra long and heavy duty to accomodate a person up to 6'6"and 400 lbs.

custom adult tricycle          custom adult tricycle

Below are pictures of custom accesories for the Freedom Cycle. The picture on the left is a hitch designed to hook up to any standard trailer. The one on the right is a stationary roller designed for indoor use during inclement weather.

custom adult tricycle with hitch          custom adult tricycle

Other Models Available

adult tricycle sport adult tricycle electric adult tricycle

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