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Adult tricycle

"There's no other way to describe it but grand!" - Karen



"It's like a bike car. It's really cool."



"The cupholder sold me!"



"It's like riding the Cadillac of bicycles." - Joyce



"I was so impressed by the form, ease of riding and good looks that I ordered my new trike at the company's open house on Thursday, June 28th!!!!" - Mike



"I currently own three 2-wheelers, but I'm interested in the recumbent position and extra wheel for stability. I like the idea of a storage area for change of clothes or groceries." - Wanda



"Great design. Wonderful idea you have there! I'm an old guy and would use it for the market from my beach condo. It looks like a perfect way to get rid of my car, truck and insurance." - Jiggs

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