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American Eagle Cycles brings you the ultimate recreational tricycle for adults. With easy on and off, superior ergonomic design, and zero maintenance*, this is the perfect way for adults of all fitness levels to get moving and explore the world.

Experience the unbelievably smooth ride, solid construction, and original style of the Freedom Cycle. Designed and built right here in America.

Fitness no longer has to be chore. The Freedom Cycle design allows any age or ability an enjoyable way to bring exercise into their daily routine. Enjoy the benefits at any level, from the casual rider to the road warrior.

This is where the Freedom Cycle shines - custom-designed for maximum comfort. Our unique bucket seat offers unparalleled back and bottom support. Add to that a relaxed arm and leg position and you'll find yourself going further than ever before, while saving energy and staying comfortable.

The patented design of the Freedom Cycle provides the most hassle-free owner experience in the industry. A fully enclosed drivetrain and steering system ensure a long and carefree product life. Only the basics, brake pads and worn tires, will ever need your attention.

All of our cycles use the NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission. This drivetrain provides a simple and seamlessly smooth way of shifting through a wide ratio range equivalent to a 21-speed bike. All you have to do is rotate the handle to change from a low to a higher gear!

Models Available

Adult tricycle Sport adult tricycle electric adult tricycle custom adult tricycle


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